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About us

Münch: this is the name of the family that established the company and is currently managing the business in the third generation.

It has always been the ambition of the Münch family to be the no. 1 specialist for release agents. Product innovations in all fields of application serve to prove this.

Thanks to our broad knowledge of release agent chemicals we are ready to meet any challenge. Our products help to solve problems in the processing industry – from elastomer and polyurethane processing, plastics and composite materials to metal processing in die casting and processing of nonwovens.

We obtain our innovative potential from the direct interaction between customer requirements, qualified consulting services provided by our sales team and quick and effective development activities.

All this enables us to develop new and marketable solutions in our state-of-the-art laboratories within a minimum of time.

This is what Michael Münch stands for.


Our Philosophy

We are the specialists

We specialize in release agents. This is the clear focus of both our services and products.

Research is not only our motivation but also our philosophy: It is our intention to systematically find out, HOW and, above all, WHY something is working. We are continuously analyzing the market, assess its potentials and develop products to meet almost any type of requirement. The members of our sales team also act as technical consultants and provide our customers with qualified support, thus enabling us to acquire competence and experience in the area of release agents for almost any type of material and product.

The key to the success of Münch Chemie International is our team because we are all acting in concert – one for all and all for you. Without large hierarchies, the employees and executives work together on the chemical solutions of tomorrow: creatively, quickly and flexibly.

Our production is subject to an ongoing quality assurance system so that our customers can always profit from a constantly high-quality level. Just in time, of course – so that your production process goes like clockwork.


individuality. quality. service.

It is our ambition to offer tailored products that meet our customers’ requirements.

We have understood that our chemical products have to adapt to your production process and not vice versa. Therefore, we continue our development and test efforts until we can offer you exactly the product that meets your specific requirements.

Individual customer support and ascertainment of your requirements on site: These elements are the basis for a successful co-operation with you. We consider problem-solving an etiological process that we have been conducting with experience, passion, know-how and state-of-the-art equipment for more than 75 years now. We know the production processes precisely and help you in optimizing them. To this end, we maintain a consistent approach always bearing the practical feasibility in mind.

Simply for the better release agent.

In order to maintain our independence, Münch Chemie’s Development team has committed itself to developing concrete system solutions based on our own research results. Our technical know-how and direct contacts to our customers serve to safeguard your title to improvement.

Our service does not end with the first order placement but constitutes the basis for a long-standing customer relationship. We attach great importance to personal contact and on-site service. In order to save time and costs, we, if necessary, also modify our release agent specialties directly in your production facilities on site, thus helping you in exceeding your current production standard – quickly and in a customer-oriented and straightforward manner.

For service that makes the difference.

We are constantly striving to optimize our service in order to offer you the quality that you expect. This is why we have been certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and are always searching for an even better solution.

Getting the chemistry right!

Think global, act local!

our sales partners worldwide

Our innovative products are used all over the world. Our world-wide distribution network ensures full supply for our customers – wherever they produce.