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Die Casting

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Ancillary Products Die Casting

In addition to our high-quality release agents for die casting processing we also offer a range of further processing aids.

Ejectors pin-lubrication

We offer high temperature oils based on ester oil, which are used as multipurpose lubricants in industrial applications. Usually, our products are used to lubricate ejectors or moving parts of a mould. The products are resistant to high temperatures and therefore suitable for applications in metal die casting, even at process temperature.


Product characteristics

  • Adhere very well to the surface
  • Very good creeping properties
  • No residues
  • Available in liquid form or as spray
Squeeze Pin / Hot Spot Lubrication

We offer a range of products to lubricate squeeze pins and hot spots. Our products provide sufficient lubrication even with minimum quantity application and are suitable for application in serial production.


Product characteristics

  • Partly synthetic, water-based, silicone free, wax free or solvent free lubricants
  • Minimum quantity application
  • Lubrication of Squeeze Pins and Hot Spots
Punching oils and cutting fluids

For the lubrication of punching tools in aluminum, zinc and magnesium alloys we developed solvent free punching oils as well as water-based emulsions. Our products provide very good creeping properties and do not resinify.


Product characteristics

  • Ready-to-use
  • Good lubrication
  • No residues on cavity and mould joints
  • No residues on the tools and in the die
  • Very good creeping properties
  • Neutral odor
  • No build-up, no resinification
  • Partly biodegradable
Anti soldering pastes

Our anti-soldering pastes have been specially designed for non-ferrous metals. They are free of solvents, silicones and sulfuric acid. Furthermore, our products protect the mould against metal soldering and erosions.


Product characteristics

  • Free of sulfuric acid
  • Avoid metallisation
  • Adhere very well to the die
Additives for cooling basins

We offer water-miscible concentrates that prevent bacterial attack and corrosion when added to cooling basins. Thanks to selected ingredients our additives for cooling basins reduce the surface tension, thereby allowing for easy removal of water-droplets and residual water from casted parts and casting contours.


Product characteristics

  • Easy removal of water residues
  • Corrosion protection
  • Prevent bacterial attack
  • Good cleaning effect
  • Water-miscible at a ratio of 1 to 100

Our product portfolio for the metal-processing industry includes a multi-purpose cleaner to degrease varnished or not varnished metal or plastic surface, as well as a cleaner for central systems.


Product characteristics

  • Dissolve fairly well
  • High flashpoint
  • Water-miscible
  • Neutral odor