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Rubber Team

Rubber Team

Ulf Czesla, Horst Weinel, Dr. Ulrich Sülzner
+49 (0)6201 9983 0

Ancillary Products Rubber

In addition to our high-quality release agents for rubber processing we also offer a range of further processing aids.

Batch-Off Release Agents

No Sticking for easy Processing

Our batch-off release agents for the treatment of non-vulcanized rubber batches help to overcome sticking during storage and transport.

Our products show good wetting and release properties for all types of rubber, independent of hardness and stickiness of the compound.

Product characteristics
  • Liquid batch-off release agents
  • Suitable for all kinds of elastomers
  • FDA approval
  • High wetting and release effect
  • Reduction of foaming


Longlasting Corrosion Protection

Our anti-corrosives have been specially developed to protect metal moulds or parts from corrosion during storage.

The good compatibility with rubber for rubber-metal-joints is also ensured.

Product characteristics
  • Ready-to-use
  • Solvent-based product
  • Temperature stable up to 260°C
  • Suitable for applications on all metal surfaces – protects against corrosion during storage
  • No need to clean or remove the corrosion protection after the storage
  • Increases the release performance and the lifetime of the moulds


Improved Quality of Rubber Compounds

Our additives can be used universally for all compounds except silicone-rubber.

The use of our additives for rubber industry results in an excellent release effect, eliminating or reducing the need for external release agents or lubricants. The use of our products during the mixing process provides a better dispersion of the compound.

Product characteristics
  • Solvent-free
  • Silicone-free
  • Suitable for all common compounds, except silicone-rubber
  • Excellent release effect – help to eliminate or reduce the need for external release agents
  • Reduce mould fouling
  • Improve flow properties of the compound
  • Reduce the blooming of sulphur