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Tire Team

Tire Team

Dr. Manfred Breining, Ulf Czesla, Horst Weinel, Dr. Ulrich Sülzner
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Ancillary Products Tires

Tire Tread Marking Paints, Cosmetic Tire Paints, Lubricants

In addition to our high-quality release agents for tire manufacturing we also offer a range of further processing aids.

These include tire tread marking paints for easy identification, cosmetic tire paints and lubricants.

Tire Tread Marking Paints

Easy identification thanks to coloured marks

We offer innovative, environment-friendly tire tread marking paints, which are applied on a green tire tread directly after the extrusion and serve for identification purposes.

All products are completely free of any solvents, thereby being especially environmentally friendly. The inks are very easy to use as the viscosity of the products has been adjusted in a way that application via typical processes, such as BEUGLER wheel and tubes, is straightforward. Before and predominantly after curing the color of the strip is exceedingly bright and homogeneous. The intensity of the color remains unchanged for months.

Product characteristics
  • Ready-to-use; no dilution with water is required
  • Short drying times
  • Optimally adapted viscosity
  • Exceptional colour brilliance and intensity
  • Residues on the mould surface are reduced to a minimum
  • Available in a wide variety of colours

Cosmetic Tire Paints

Enhancing tire surface quality

The cosmetic tire paints developed by Münch are applied to the tire surface after vulcanisation and provide a matt or respectively a glossy finish.

Although our products are water-based, relatively short drying times can be achieved. Our cosmetic tire paints can be used to treat new or retreated tires.

Product characteristics
  • Water-based
  • For new or retreated tires
  • Short drying times
  • Provide a matt or respectively a glossy finish
  • Very good coverage properties
  • Cover irregularities and markings of wax crayons on the tire surface


So it is going like clockwork

We offer lubricants, specially developed for the mounting of tires onto rims.

Our products provide a very high slip effect when mounting tires on the rim, without leading to an undesired rim slip during inspection of the tire. By eliminating soap from the formulation a neutral pH-value can be guaranteed. In that way, corrosion can be prevented. The maintenance intervals for sealings in the supply pipes can also be extended, since those will not be attacked by an alkaline medium anymore.

Additionally, our lubricants are commonly used in final tire assembly.

Product characteristics
  • Water-based
  • Ready-to-use products (concentrate also available)
  • Suitable for all types of tires and rims
  • Silicone-, solvent- and soap-free
  • Provide very good lubrication properties
  • Prevent corrosion