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Tire Team

Tire Team

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Bladder Coatings

Solutions for Tire Industry

The curing bladder plays a central role in tire manufacturing: Only a perfect shaping within the green tire and consecutive smooth release from the cured tire guarantees best quality of the final product.

At the same time, the bladder suffers from an extremely high mechanical and chemical stress. Our high-quality bladder coatings protect the curing bladder against excessive and early wear, thereby ensuring a smooth production process.

Start-up aids

Our standard and high-quality bladder releases are used in tire manufacturing as a start-up aid when new bladders are mounted to the press in the vulcanization department.

The products work as release agents and lubricants at the same time. With the use of our bladder releases the defect rate during start-up is significantly reduced.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Suitable for the production of all common tire types
  • Eliminate start-up problems when starting with a new bladder
  • Provide excellent release and lubrication between the bladder and the green tire
  • Increase bladder lifetime
  • Prevent air traps and lights
  • Application on the cold bladder
Semi-permanent release coatings

Our semi-permanent bladder release coatings are used instead of a conventional inside lube. These products guarantee best release performance between tire and curing bladder.

Thanks to selected polymerizing ingredients, the release film allows a high number of consecutive demouldings per application.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Suitable for the production of all common tire types
  • Allow for several consecutive demouldings per application
  • Filler-free products
  • Excellent release and slip properties – no need for any further lubricant or release coating on the inside of the green tire
  • Application on the cold or hot bladder, frequent touch-up
Permanent release coatings

We keep up with the times: Following the increasing customer demands, we have developed high-quality permanent release coatings for tire curing bladders.

Thanks to an extreme robust release film these products significantly increase production efficiency. At the same time, they meet growing demands with respect to environmental and safety issues.


Product characteristics

  • Ready-to-use permanent bladder release coating
  • No need for any further lubrication product on the inside of the green tire or the bladder surface (i. e. inside paints, semi-permanent bladder coatings)
  • Extreme robust film with sufficient slip level
  • Good wetting capability resulting in highly dispersed film without blocking bladder grooves or pebble structures
  • Long-lasting release
  • Free of D4-, D5- and D6-siloxanes and volatile organic compounds (VOC) – not subject to any labelling according to GHS
  • Suitable for the production of all common tire types

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