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Mikon®-product series for the manufacturing of wind blades

Eco-friendly release system with extraordinary high efficiency for the production of fibre-reinforced plastics


Münch Chemie International

  • Very low material consumption (3 kg instead of 9-10 kg per wind blade, lifetime increase by > 60%)
  • High time savings and less personnel expenditure (50 min instead of 120 min and reduced headcount of 2 instead of 7 employees required for application of release agent per wind blade)
  • Improved working conditions with regard to health issues due to elimination of hazardous substances
  • More efficient method of application
  • Improved ergonomics and safety
  • Reduced costs for personal protective equipment (e. g. elimination of respiratory masks – cost savings of up to 50.000 €/a assuming a purchasing price of 3 € per mask and wind blade and production of 750 wind power stations per year)
  • Less effort = reduced costs for storage and handling of release agents (environmental and safety restrictions for solvents do not apply to water-based products)
  • Compliance with recent emission standards – significantly reduced amount of CO2 equivalents (approx. 60 t/a assuming a total material consumption of 9-10 kg solvent-based release agent per wind blade and production of 750 wind power stations per year)
  • Excellent value for money
  • Increased productive and economic efficiency

The Challenge

Münch Chemie International

A leading wind blade manufacturer was using solvent-based release agents in production. Application of these products was very time-consuming and labour-intensive as the material had to be applied manually in a non ergonomic, unhealthy position. Additionally, material consumption was very high and lifetime rather low, the coating had to be refreshed very frequently. Due to these shortcomings the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC) within the production area was high.

Driven by this unsatisfactory situation and recent environmental restrictions with regard to VOC emission, the manufacturer aimed for a complete elimination of solvents and solvent-based products from production. As there were only solvent-based release agents available on the market at this time, the manufacturer found itself facing a serious challenge.

Our Solution

Münch Chemie International

The team of Münch Chemie International GmbH took on this challenge and managed to develop a range of advanced water-based release system products within just a few months, completely avoiding the use of any solvents. In the course of these activities, the chemists at Münch successfully established an innovative emulsifying technique which for the first time allowed the production of stable aqueous emulsions containing highly effective release-active substances.

Plant trials at the customer’s site demonstrated an outstanding performance of the new system comprising mould sealer and release agent: The new products provided > 60% more releases from a single application than the formerly applied solvent-based system and the overall material consumption corresponded to only a third of the initially required amount of release agent.

The team of Münch Chemie International GmbH was further concerned with the optimisation of release agent application. A brand new application system, available under the trade name Mikon®-wiper, was developed which substantially facilitates the application while at the same time providing a remarkable application precision and efficiency. The overall personnel effort at the customer’s plant could considerably be reduced as two employees - instead of seven - were able to apply the new water-based products requiring only 40% of the initial time. Additionally, the new Mikon®-wiper had a positive impact on both ergonomics and safety.
In conclusion, Münch Chemie International GmbH is the first release agent manufacturer around the world to offer customers a complete system of water-based products for the manufacturing of fibre-reinforced plastics. Supplementary individually customised in-house trainings complete the range.

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