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Permanent coating for curing bladders (tire production)

Reduced wear and extended lifetime of curing bladders thanks to permanent protective coating


Münch Chemie International

  • extremely robust, long-lasting protective coating exhibiting excellent lubrication characteristics
  • compliant with environmental regulations (water-based formulation)
  • constant high quality of tires
  • remarkably extended bladder life (low mechanical and chemical wear)
  • considerable cost savings (enhanced bladder lifetime, permanent coating, significantly reduced scrap rates)
  • increased overall efficiency

The Challenge

Münch Chemie International

Curing bladders made from butyl rubber are an indispensable aid in tire manufacturing, since they are centrally involved in tire curing and shaping. In the course of this process, bladders usually suffer from various physical and chemical impacts which significantly reduce their theoretical lifetime and service life. Whenever a curing bladder needs to be replaced, this results in a stop in production, thereby causing costs. Moreover, early bladder failure often leads to increased scrap rates.
Hence, an increase in bladder lifetime, accompanied by an extended service life, would generate significant benefits for our customers in tire industry.

Our Solution

Münch Chemie International

Münch Chemie International GmbH has long experience and expertise in the field of tire industry and knows best about the needs and demands of manufacturers. Based on our comprehensive knowledge, our experts developed an innovative permanent coating for the application on curing bladders. The new product named Bladder Release BC-3156 is water-based and contains specially selected, highly active ingredients.
Thanks to an optimized product composition and application onto the hot bladder surface, the resulting polymeric film provides an extremely robust coating that is partially cross-linked with the bladder surface. While protecting the bladder from chemical impact and abrasion during tire curing, moulding in and demoulding from the tire is facilitated due to excellent lubrication characteristics of the cured coating layer.

Plant trials revealed an outstanding performance: By coating the curing bladders with BC-3156, the average bladder lifetime could be increased by 20 %. Furthermore, employment of the new protective coating guaranteed best quality of produced tires and low scrap rates, especially when used together with one of our high-quality inside lubricants from the IP-series.

In summary, the team of Münch Chemie International GmbH successfully exploited its skills and knowledge to establish a high-quality, extremely robust permanent coating for curing bladders used in tire manufacturing that reliably protects the bladders from mechanical and chemical wear during tire curing and prevents early failure.

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