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Semi-permanent release coating for curing bladders

Reduced wear and extended lifetime of curing bladders thanks to permanent protective coating


Münch Chemie International

  • very robust, long lasting release coating exhibiting good lubrication properties
  • water-based product that easily complies with environmental constraints
  • easy to handle
  • application either onto cold or hot bladder surfaces
  • no need for any further lubrication product on the inside of the green tire
  • high quality of produced tires, negligible scrap rate
  • universally applicable
  • increased overall process efficiency and significant cost savings

The Challenge

Münch Chemie International

An efficient manufacturing process is mandatory in order to guarantee best quality of produced tires. At the same time, tire manufactures are facing a high competition on a worldwide level and therefore strive to minimize their costs.

Release agents are an indispensable part of modern manufacturing processes. In tire industry, mould release agents ensure a smooth release of the cured tire from the curing press. Furthermore, specific coatings for the application either on the surface of so-called curing bladders or on the inside of the uncured tires provide sufficient release and lubrication properties to facilitate the tire shaping process and the tire-bladder release after cure. A bad performance of the auxiliary materials used generally results in a poor quality of the final product and directly influences the scrap rate level. The complexity and effort in handling the release agents in production adds up to the overall costs – the lower the required application frequency of the release aid and the better the implementation in the overall process, the lower the corresponding costs.

In the particular case described herein, our customer asked for a release coating for curing bladders that allows for application on both cold and hot bladder surfaces and has to be reapplied only once per shift. At the same time, the customer wished to do without any further auxiliaries and to refresh the bladder release without dismounting the curing bladder from the press.

Our Solution

Münch Chemie International

Münch Chemie International GmbH has long experience and expertise in the field of tire industry and knows best about the individual needs and demands of manufacturers.

Our team took on this challenge and initially determined the product characteristics needed. Based on these data, our experts carefully selected suitable raw materials and developed a well-balanced water-based bladder coating that, thanks to an adjusted solid content, allows for the application on the already mounted, hot curing bladder surface without contaminating the curing press. The product named BC-5140 can also be applied on the cold bladder, thereby satisfying the customer’s demand. After complete drying of the applied release film, the curing bladder can be installed.

On-site plant trials revealed an excellent performance of Bladder Release BC-5140: The new coating proved to be extraordinarily easy to handle, allowing for application by variable means (with the use of a sponge or cloth or via spray application). Both application of the product prior to installing the curing bladder (before starting production) and inside the curing press (during running production) could be done without facing any difficulties. The extremely robust release film showed strong adhesion to the bladder surface, ensuring long lasting release between bladder and tire. Since further auxiliaries, for example inside lubes, are not necessary when Bladder Release BC-5140 is used in tire production, there is no need for any additional equipment, such as spray equipment. Regarding the customer’s demand for a low application frequency (touch-up only once per shift), the newly developed product fulfilled the requirement easily. Thanks to the excellent release performance, scrap rate was reduced to an absolute minimum. Depending on the individual production conditions, the new product can also get along with a daily touch-up, rendering it a very attractive alternative for other customers, too. Best results were obtained with pre-treated bladders. Last but not least, Bladder Release BC-5140 convinced the customer with regard to costs: The switch to the new auxiliary material could be organized without great effort. Since the bladder release application can be implemented easily in already existing production processes and the product provides a high cost-efficiency, Bladder Release BC-5140 allows for considerable overall cost savings.

In summary, the team at Münch Chemie International GmbH constructively exploited its great knowledge about the complex tire manufacturing process and successfully developed a new powerful semi-permanent release coating for curing bladders. The new product dispenses with the need for any further auxiliaries and allows for reapplication once per shift or even rarer, especially when applied on pre-treated bladders, thereby being extremely cost-efficient. At the same time, the new bladder release reduces the scrap rate to a minimum and is very easy to handle, resulting in a significant saving of overall cost.

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