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Silicone-free multipurpose mould release agents

Silicone-free multipurpose mould release agents offer numerous advantages


Münch Chemie International

  • Reduced expense and effort during application (ready-to-use product, no drying / curing time to be considered after application)
  • Suitable as both classic and semipermanent mould release (depending on individual customer preference)
  • Universally applicable (compatible with all commonly employed processes and elastomer types)
  • Compliant with strict conditions of the automotive industry thanks to completely sili-cone-free product formulation
  • Excellent price-performance-ratio

The Challenge

Münch Chemie International

A leading manufacturer of O-ring seals used silicone-based mould release agents in production. Silicone is known to prevent paint adhesion and thus interfere with the lacquering process. Hence, silicones and other adhesive-repelling substances are avoided completely in paint-processing and related industries, such as automotive, affecting component suppliers as well.
Consequently, our customer aimed to employ silicone-free release agents only. To further optimize production processes, the release agents to be employed should be universally ap-plicable for various process conditions and should allow for the demoulding of all commonly processed elastomer types.

Our Solution

Münch Chemie International

Initially, the chemists at Münch Chemie International GmbH analyzed in detail the current situation in as well as critical influences on the manufacturing of O-rings. These results enabled our team to develop a brand-new water-based series of mould release agents that is completely free of silicone-based polymers within the shortest time possible. The new products contain innovative highly release-active ingredients and proved to be extremely efficient. Customer trials further revealed that the novelties allow for both compression and injection moulding and exhibit best release characteristics in the processing of all commonly used elastomer types (e. g. EPDM, NR, NBR, FKM, AEM etc.).

Moreover, the newly developed mould release agents turned out to be exceptionally user-friendly with regard to application of the products: Thanks to well-selected ingredients, build-up in the mould was minimized – no matter whether the releasing film was touched-up after each single demoulding or after several consecutive demouldings (semi-permanent release agent film). Even though the new products provided only ultra-thin films, they proved to be extraordinarily resistant and durable independently of process conditions, such as individual mould materials (coated vs. uncoated surface) or highly abrasive compounds, and could even be diluted prior to application without affecting release performance.

As a result, Münch Chemie International GmbH can offer its customers producing rubber moulded parts, e. g. O-rings, an innovative series of silicone-free release agents that are universally applicable while meeting the most stringent requirements of the automotive industry.

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