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Cleaning Agents

Our product range contains solvent-based heavy-duty systems for the purpose of cleaning metal moulds and similar objects. The products can be used for the removal of deposits of waxes, release agents and polyurethanes.

Our cleaners distinguish themselves by their high cleaning effect and their good cleaning results, even at room temperature.

We also offer a cleaner, that has been specially designed to rinse pipes and casting heads of low pressure polyurethane machinery. This product is suitable for multiple usage.

Cleaning metal moulds

Product characteristics

  • Solvent-based high-performance cleaners
  • NMP- and NEP-free
  • Good cleaning results
  • Very effective at higher temperatures
  • For the cleaning of metal moulds and the dissolving of cured polyurethane
Rinse pipes and casting heads of low pressure
polyurethane machinery

Product characteristics

  • Solvent-based high-performance cleaner
  • Good cleaning results
  • For the flushing of low pressure injection machines