Help us creating something new to help you get your work done even better and faster

In order to maintain our independence, Münch Chemie’s Development team has committed itself to developing concrete system solutions based on our own research results. In addition to this, we can also offer state-of-the-art standard products that cover almost every common area of application.

As regards specific cases, however, we are able to develop tailored products: quickly and in a customer-oriented and straightforward manner, by means of personal on-site support. We attach great importance to personal contact and have, therefore, always ensured that the sale of our release agents does not take place in our sales office but directly at your location on site.

In this process, we, first of all, make ourselves familiar with your concrete problem and then, if it cannot be solved through the use of one of our proven standard release agents, work with you to develop individual process aids. These individual solutions have to go through intensive trial and test series in our labs before being admitted for use outside our company.

Our permanent and strict quality assurance system enables us to ensure a constantly high product standard. In order to save time and costs, we, if necessary, also modify our release agent specialities directly in your production facilities on site, thus helping you in exceeding your current production standard.