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Die Casting

Mr. Reinhard Ried

International Sales Manager
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Die Casting

Whether aluminum, zinc or magnesium casting, whether hot or cold runner machines, we offer suitable products.

For the metal-processing industry we formulate and develop products, which meet the high requirements of this industry.

Our portfolio comprises mould release agents and special processing chemicals that help increasing the process efficiency and enhancing the quality of the casted parts. All products were developed in collaboration with foundries and are well established in the market.

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Die Casting

Release Agent CA 2-150

Water-based mould release agent for zinc die casting applications that shows best results even in highly complex applications.

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Release Agent CA-7097

Wax-reduced water-based release agent concentrate for usage in aluminium die casting.

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Universal oil HT 5-2000 Spray

Multipurpose lubricant based on ester oil for lubricating all movable machine and mould parts (e.g. ejectors, pushers, sliding parts, conducts).

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