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Tire Team

Tire Team

Dr. Manfred Breining, Ulf Czesla, Horst Weinel, Dr. Ulrich Sülzner
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Inside Lubes

Solutions for Tire Industry

Inside tire lubes have been specially designed in order to improve the release of the curing bladder from the tire and ensure sufficient venting properties.

We offer both conventional (classic) and semi-permanent inside tire paints that have been optimized to be extraordinarily unproblematic during application. Excellent release, venting and lubrication properties between the green tire and the curing bladder are achieved by using our products.

Silicone-free inside lubes

In times of intelligent tires we are facing increasing demands with respect to “cleanliness” of cured tires in order to facilitate potential downstream processes.

Consequently, we also offer silicone-free inside lubes which are commonly used in the manufacturing of special tires, such as noise-reduced or self-sealing tires. However, our silicone-free inside paints are universally applicable for the production of any tire type.


Product characteristics

  • Innovative ready-to-use inside tire paints
  • Excellent lubrication and release with minimal consumption (approx. 20-50% less material consumption)
  • Good venting capability, avoids trapped air
  • Reduces issues in further processing (i. e. when producing noise-reduced or self-sealing tires)
  • Dark grey or beige coloured (containing fillers)
  • Universally applicable
Classic inside lubes

Our product portfolio includes both filler-containing and filler-free inside lubes. This way, you can always choose the most appropriate product according to your individual product requirements.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Suitable for all common tire types (esp. Low profile tires)
  • Black or beige coloured (containing fillers) or white/colourless
  • Excellent release, venting and lubrication properties between the green tire and the bladder
  • Simple application
Semipermanent inside lubes

Our product portfolio for the tire industry also includes semi-permanent water-based inside lubes, for the application on either the bladder or the inside of the green tire. These non-pigmented products do polymerize on the bladder surface. After polymerizing, the products provide the needed slip and release properties for the production of tires.

Hence, our products have been designed to eliminate any other lubrication products or release agents in the tire production.


Product charateristics

  • Water-based
  • Free of any pigments or mineral fillers
  • Suitable for all common types of tires
  • Excellent performance with large tires or respectively with low profile tires from UHP-range
  • High slip effect