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Composites Team

Composites Team

Andreas Lange, Reinhard Ried
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Internal Release Agents and Additives

Solutions for the Composites Industry

Our product portfolio includes various liquid internal release agents and additives for composites processing.

These have specifically been adjusted to allow for joined use together with other products from our Mikon® product family.

Internal Release Agents

Reduced use of external mould release

Given ideal circumstances, the use of external release agents can be significantly reduced while at the same time ensuring a smooth release.

Any post-moulding operation can be performed without further steps such as cleaning. As a consequence, the use of our internal release agents results in a great overall economy. The products will not have an influence on the chemical and physical properties of the resin. They do not contain any silicones or waxes. Our products are used as internal release agents for acrylic resins, polyester resins and epoxy resins (pultrusion, gel-coats, etc.).

Product characteristics
  • High release effect
  • Wax- and silicone-free formulations
  • Do not impair the chemical and physical characteristics of the resin
  • Further processing of the casting without prior treatment
  • Help minimizing the need for additional external release agents and lubricants.


Enhancing the surface quality

We offer an additive, that has been developed and optimized to be used in combination with the semi-permanent release agents from the Mikon® series.

The combination results in an improved processability and improved surface quality of the produced parts. Our additive reduces the surface tension. This not only improves the material flow and the wetting of the mould surface, but also helps to prevent pin holes and fish eyes from appearing. Additionally, the use of our product increases the scratch resistance of the surface.

Product characteristics
  • High surface quality of the castings
  • Avoids the appearance of pin holes and fish eyes
  • Increases scratch resistance of the castings