Mould release agents for rubber soles

For the manufacture of rubber shoe soles we specially developed innovative mould release agents, that contain a slip additive, resulting in a remarkably smooth surface, reducing the friction between elastomer and release agent drastically. Our products develop a strong chemical, physical bonding to most mould materials, and particularly to aluminum and chromed moulds.

During the development of our release agents, we have paid attention to the cleaning intervals of the moulds. Our products are thus characterized by a long service life between cleaning cycles.

Furthermore our external mould release agents provide multiple releases per application.

Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Ready-to-use
  • Semi-permament
  • Suited for all types of elastomer except silicone-rubber
  • High slip and release effect
  • Temperature stable up to 300 °C
  • No transfer to the casted parts, allowing further processing like varnishing, gluing or foaming without subsequent treatment.
  • Minimize residues on the mould surface
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