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Tire Team

Tire Team

Dr. Manfred Breining, Ulf Czesla, Horst Weinel, Dr. Ulrich Sülzner
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Mould Release Agents

Solutions for Tire Industry

The continuing trend to more complex geometry of tire shape, especially multi-dimensional and re-entrant angles but also changing raw materials require innovative solutions from the release agent specialists.

The continuous adaptation of our product portfolio to the ever-increasing market requirements is part of our company philosophy, with the aim of achieving the highest customer satisfaction.

Permanent mould release coatings

Münch Chemie’s answer to the increasing demand for more efficient, environmentally friendly and economic solutions for tire manufacturing: Innovative permanent release coatings for tire moulds.

These water-based products guarantee best tire quality with no compromises and provide our customers with a smooth curing process for ten thousands of demouldings.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based formulation
  • Outstanding, long-lasting release performance – no need for any further mould release coating
  • Continuous high tire quality and uniformity
  • Virtually no mould fouling even after thousands of curings
  • Optimal for vents: no sticking / blocking
  • Excellent results also in tire retreading
  • Significant cost savings, thanks to low material consumption
  • Remarkably increased overall process efficiency
  • Enhanced surface finish
Semipermanent mould release coatings

All our semi-permanent release agents for the tire industry provide a very high number of releases per application and will not transfer to the manufactured parts.

These release agents are water-based, solvent-free and temperature stable up to 300°C.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Ready-to-use products
  • Solvent-free
  • High release
  • Reduced build-up on the mould
  • Increased mould service life
  • Temperature stable up to 300 °C
  • High demoulding quantities per application can be achieved

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