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Bladder Release BC-9036: an environmentally friendly, VOC-free coating for tire manufacturing. Long-lasting release effect, robust film, suitable for all tire types.

Bladder Release BC-9036

Bladder Release BC-9036: The game-changing permanent release coating in the tire industry

Permanent release coating BC-9036

Introducing Bladder Release BC-9036, an innovative and high-performance permanent release coating designed specifically for curing bladders in tire manufacturing.
With its environmentally friendly composition, VOC-free formula
and exceptionally long-lasting release effect, BC-9036 offers tire manufacturers a versatile solution for perfect tire production.

  1. Free of harmful D4, D5 and D6 siloxanes, making it an environmentally friendly choice
  2. Completely VOC-free, ensuring a safer and healthier work environment
  3. No additional auxiliaries required: Bladders coated with BC-9036 can be used for vulcanization without the need for inside paints or semi-permanent bladder coatings
  4. Extremely robust film on the bladder surface, allowing for several hundred consecutive demouldings without the need for touch-up coatings
  5. Adequate slip level, ensuring proper bladder positioning during the shaping of unvulcanized tires
  6. Unimpaired venting capability of the bladder
  7. Suitable for the production of any type of tires