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Münch Chemie receives the seal “Innovative through research” from the Stifterverband – a joint initiative, started by companies and foundations, devoted entirely to consulting, networking and promoting improvements in the fields of education, science and innovation.

Münch Chemie Awarded by the Stifterverband

Award StifterverbandThe Stifterverband awarded the seal “Innovative through research” to Münch Chemie International. The award assigned for the first time in 2014 distinctly acknowledges companies that show a special engagement for research and development. Less than one per cent of approx. 3.5 million companies in Germany, as stated by the Stifterverband, perform research work.

Research and development traditionally play a major role for us,” explains Michael Münch, Managing Director and Head of the Development Department for Münch Chemie International. ”Our Research Department receives by far the largest budget in our company." The knowledge gained from our own basic research guarantees that the Münch Chemie products can be applied quickly and economically to the most diverse production conditions. For this, the customers’ requirements always remain in mind. Beside the offer of current top-standard products, which cover almost all fields of application, Münch Chemie is in the position to develop specific products in accordance with the customer's requirements. Regularly performed strict quality controls always guarantee a consistent high production standard.

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