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No need for any further auxiliaries in tire production, when using our highly efficient Inside Lube IP-1612.

New product development for the tire industry: Inside Lube IP-1612

inside lube generally applicable in tire production

Münch Chemie presents IP-1612: A water-based semi-permanent inside lube generally applicable in tire production.

Thanks to its optimized composition containing innovative, highly release-active polymeric ingredients, Inside Lube IP-1612 provides a fairly greasy film that stays lubricious over long time.

When Inside Lube IP-1612 is used in tire production, there is no need for any further auxiliaries.

IP-1612 is applicable for the production of any type of tires and should be applied at room temperature either on the curing bladder’s surface or – generally the standard method – on the inside of the uncured tire by means of spraying, brushing or with the help of a sponge.


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