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Ready-to-use, water-based emulsion Very resistant release film Very high number of possible releases per application

Reliability, durability and endurance: New semi-permanent release agent for rotational moulding applications

Release Agent Rotorelease® RM-1713

Münch Chemie presents its new semi-permanent release agent for rotational moulding applications, Release Agent Rotorelease® RM-1713.

The product is available as ready-to-use, water-based emulsion and provides a very high resistant, temperature stable (up to 350 °C / 662 °F) release film that allows for a very high number of consecutive releases per application. Ensuring high lubricity and release, Release Agent Rotorelease® RM-1713 does not transfer to the moulded part, thereby enabling a smooth post-processing of demouldings.

If it is used as directed, Release Agent Rorotelease® RM-1713 will prevent build-up of release agent in the mould.

Münch Chemie’s new release agent for rotomoulding processes is universally suited to release all plastic types, especially polyethylene and polypropylene, and guarantees a consistent and controlled release performance.

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