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Optimise your tire production with Outside Lube OP-2218/1 - the high-quality, clear, water-based outside tire paint. Improved vulcanization and air bleed.

Outside Lube OP-2218/1

Outside Lube OP-2218/1 - For top quality and maximum efficiency in tire production

Top quality and maximum efficiency in tire production with Outside Lube OP-2218/1.

Discover Outside Lube OP-2218/1, a high-quality, clear, water-based and solvent-free outside tire paint that is applied to the surface of an uncured tire and significantly optimises the vulcanisation process - for outstanding results and increased production performance.

  1. Improved air bleed: Optimises venting between the mould and the outside of the tire for uniform vulcanisation.
  2. Excellent flow properties: Improves rubber flow during the vulcanisation process.
  3. Prevention of defects: Successfully prevents the occurrence of knit-lines and other visual defects to maximize the quality of the manufactured tires.
  4. Fast drying time: Despite the water-based formulation, Outside Lube OP-2218/1 enables short drying times for an efficient production process.

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