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High-performance release agent CA-7096 for aluminium die casting: wax-reduced, water-based and VOC-free.

Release agent CA-7096

Wax-reduced, water-based, VOC-free release agent for aluminium die casting


Our wax-reduced, water-based release agent concentrate CA-7096 sets new standards in aluminium die casting.

With its unique composition and outstanding properties, our product improves the quality of your cast parts and ensures clean, environmentally friendly and efficient production.

  1. Minimal residues in the cavity and parting line of the die casting mould thanks to very low wax content in the formulation.
  2. Excellent release and lubrication effect, which contributes to smooth production.
  3. Higher quality of the produced cast parts.
  4. Safer work environment and reduced environmental pollution thanks to VOC-free formulation.
  5. Versatile applications: Release agent CA-7096 can be used at both low and high mould temperatures in aluminium die casting.

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