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Release Agent MP-7093: The future of cast elastomer processing - economical, versatile and efficient!

Release Agent MP-7093

Maximum performance, minimum costs: MP-7093 - The ultimate release agent for polyurethane cast elastomers!

MP-7093 - The ultimate release agent for polyurethane cast elastomers.

Our new product, the release agent MP-7093, has been specially developed to optimize the processing of polyurethane and polyurethane elastomers. Here is an overview of its outstanding properties:

  1. Liquid, external mould release agent
  2. Suitable for the processing of both polyether and polyester-based PU systems
  3. Excellent release effect
  4. Low release agent consumption – economical and eco-friendly
  5. Completely free of any solvents that are subject to labelling – not classified as dangerous goods and odourless
  6. Improved appearance of the finished parts – meets the requirements of the automotive industry
  7. Stable release film up to approx. 300°C / 572°F

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