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No sticking for easy processing: Discover our liquid batch-off release agent RP-237 for use on unvulcanized rubber compounds.

Release Agent RP-237

Release Agent RP-237

Liquid batch-off release agent RP-237

Put an end to the annoying issues of sticky rubber with our latest product innovation: Release Agent RP-237.

As a liquid batch-off release agent, RP-237 not only offers outstanding wetting and release properties, but also universal applicability for various elastomer types – with the exception of silicone.

  1. No sticking for easy processing: Release Agent RP-237 effectively prevents sheets, strips or pellets of the not yet vulcanized rubber from sticking together.
  2. Versatile compatibility: RP-237 is compatible with all elastomer types, except silicone. Regardless of the hardness and stickiness of your rubber compound, this release agent provides exceptional wetting and release properties. RP-237 is well compatible with the rubber compound and has no influence on flow behavior and weldability.
  3. Corrosion protection: Release Agent RP-237 goes one step further and contains special corrosion protection additives that protect your immersion baths and spray systems from the chemical impact of the contained metal soaps.
  4. Less is more: Münch Chemie International takes responsibility for a sustainable future and attaches great importance to resource-conserving production. With this principle in mind, RP-237 was manufactured with minimal raw material input compared to the predecessor product.
  5. Individual dilution: Depending on the composition and hardness of the rubber compound, RP-237 can be diluted with water in an individually adjusted mixing ratio. The batch-off solution is suitable for application by dipping or spraying.

Whether you are working with natural rubber or synthetic rubber, Release Agent RP-237 is your release agent of choice for the batch-off process.

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