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Optimize your rubber processing with the MK-429 series: PFAS-free, semi-permanent release agents for high efficiency and a long service life of your moulds.

Release agent series MK-429

New product series for rubber processing: highly efficient, PFAS free and semi-permanent release agents

MK-429 series: highly efficient, PFAS-free and semi-permanent release agents for rubber processing.

Maximise your production efficiency and extend the service life of your moulds with the MK-429 series.

Designed specifically for rubber processing, these state-of-the-art release agents offer exceptional performance and guarantee clean demoulding.

  1. Water-based, PFAS free release agents.
  2. Ready-to-use products.
  3. High-performing and semi-permanent: Very high demoulding power for smooth production.
  4. Highly durable release agent film: Resistant, even with abrasive materials.
  5. High proportion of lubricants in the formulation: Ensures a smooth film surface and reduces friction between elastomer and release agent.
  6. Low mould contamination: Increases mould service life and productivity.
  7. No transfer to manufactured parts: Subsequent processing possible without post-treatment.
  8. Wide range of applications: Suitable for all rubber types except silicone rubber, ideal for hardness ranges from 20 to 95 Shore A.

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