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Discover our PFAS-free MK-66 series: Environmentally friendly, semi-permanent release agents for rubber processing. Efficient production, highest standards.

Release agent series MK-66

Revolutionary solution for rubber processing: Münch Chemie introduces PFAS-free Release Agent MK-2201 as a response to the ECHA ban proposal

Semi-permanent, PFAS-free release agents for rubber processing: MK-66 product series.

Our commitment to quality and sustainability continuously inspires us to develop environmentally friendly products, driven not only by today‘s requirements, but also by our deep-rooted belief in responsibility and innovation. The introduction of our latest release agent series, MK-66, is a direct result of this conviction.

In response to the growing need for an environmentally friendly approach, we are committed to providing PFAS-free solutions for the production of elastomer parts that not only enhance performance but also respect the environment.

  1. PFAS-free: Our MK-66 product range is completely free from per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), ensuring a safer and more environmentally friendly solution for rubber processing.
  2. Silicone-free: Formulated without silicone, these release agents eliminate the risk of silicone transfer to manufactured parts, ensuring the integrity and surface quality of end products.
  3. Semi-permanent: By providing a highly resistant release film capable of withstanding even abrasive materials, our release agents enable efficient demolding and consistently high-quality production.
  4. Universal application: Suitable for all types of rubber, including silicone rubber, our products meet different requirements in the rubber processing industry.

Experience the next level of release agent performance with our MK-66 product series and optimize your production processes while meeting the highest environmental standards. Contact us today for personalized advice and expert support on integrating our PFAS-free release agent solutions into your production line.