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Individually adaptable inside lubes for green tires – filler-free Improved performance Increased cost-efficiency

The right product for any application: Customised inside lubes for the tire industry

Customised inside lubes for the tire industry

Münch Chemie presents a new customised product family of high-quality filler-free inside tire paints for tire production which are individually adaptable to customers’ needs. The IP-188x series is water-based and covers the whole range from semi-permanent high-performance internal spray solutions to cost-efficient conventional tire internal spray systems.

When our new inside lubes are used in tire production, there is no need for any further auxiliaries, since both lubrication and release properties between the tire and the curing bladder are significantly improved. Using one of the new semi-permanent inside tire paints allows for a high number of consecutive demouldings with once-only application.

Thanks to innovative raw materials and a well-balanced formulation, all products of the new IP-188x product family provide good adhesion and drying characteristics.

The new products are applicable for the production of any type of tires and should be applied either on the inside of the uncured tire or directly on the curing bladder’s surface by means of spraying. Alternatively, the lubricants can be applied with the help of a sponge, cloth or brush.

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