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Nonwovens Team

Nonwovens Team

Reinhard Ried, Horst Weinel
+49 (0)6201 9983 0


Increasing use of nonwovens is nowadays being made, in order to optimize the sound insulation in the „white goods“ industry (washing machines, laundry dryers, dish washers, etc.).

The advantages of nonwovens include also the weight saving and the impact resistance. Furthermore they constitute a cost-attractive alternative to foams. Nonwovens are recycled cottons which are pressed with a binder in powder or fiber form (phenolic, epoxy or polyester resin) at high temperatures in steel moulds.

Our product portfolio covers a wide range of water-based semi permanent release agents, that suited for the resin bonded cotton fibre sheets and steam supported systems.

Our products develop a strong chemical bonding to most mould materials and thus provide multiple releases per application. Our release agents do not transfer to the moulded parts, allowing further processing like varnishing or gluing without subsequent treatment.

Also by the production of phenolic resin impregnated sticky paper our products have shown excellent results.

Product characteristics
  • Water based
  • Semi permanent
  • Temperature stable up to 200 °C
  • Ready-to-use products or as concentrate available
  • Minimize residues on the mould surface
  • No transfer to the moulded parts

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