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Rubber Team

Rubber Team

Ulf Czesla, Horst Weinel, Dr. Ulrich Sülzner
+49 (0)6201 9983 0

Release Agents for Moulds and Hoses

Solutions for Rubber Processing

We offer our customers a wide range of polymer release agents, with an optimized performance, for the production of rubber parts.

Our innovative release agents provide a very high number of releases per application and will not transfer to the manufactured parts, so that a varnishing or bonding is possible without any additional treatment.

Semi-permanent release agents for press moulds

Several innovative polymer release agents, with an optimized performance, were developed for the production of elastomer parts.

Our developing team especially focused on a diversified application area of the release agents. We were thus able to ensure that our products offer equally excellent results with all common rubber types, like NR, SBR, EPDM, HNBR, VAMAC, AEM, ACM, Sulfur-Peroxide-linked systems etc.


Product characteristics

  • Water-based
  • Semi-permanent products: Provide multiple releases per application
  • Ready-to-use
  • No transfer to the moulded parts
  • Temperature stable up to 200°C or 300°C
  • Minimize residues on the mould surface
  • No separation
  • Frost-resistant
Hose release agents

We have developed mould release agents and lubricants that are especially suited for the production of all flexible hoses.

These innovative products are free of water and solvent and absolutely silicone free and suitable for cold and hot forms / mandrels.

Product characteristics

  • Water and solvent free
  • Excellent release and lubrication properties
  • Temperature stable up to at least 250°C
  • Suitable for cold and hot forms / mandrels
  • Good relubricate effect on the mandrel after vulcanisation in the autoclave
  • Good water solubility during the cleaning of the moulded parts (even in cold water and without addition of cleaning agents)
  • Promptly biodegradable release agent
  • Suitable for all common rubber types