Developing technology that works has never been our only goal: We strive to understand why.

Research is not only our motivation but also our philosophy: it is our intention to systematically find out, HOW and, above all, WHY something is working.

The first problem to be solved in this context is to identify the problem itself: to this end, we maintain a consistent approach always bearing the practical feasibility in mind. In contrast to the general trend of many other producers of release agents, we do not want to hide, manipulate or circumvent problem factors and their symptoms because surprise solutions will always implicate other, unexpected follow-up problems that are often mindfully or unmindfully assented and accepted.

In this effort, we fall back on the requirements of our customers because they already have a concrete idea of the finished product.

The results gained within the scope of our basic research activities enable us to quickly and cost-effectively adjust our products to the different production conditions - without any bits and pieces: back to basics. In this context, a close contact to our field force and research team is indispensable in order to minimise development times and costs and maintain them at an economical level.

It is for this reason that Münch Chemie International’s Research department is granted the by far largest budget within the entire company – simply in order to develop the best release agent.