Screw cleaners

We also developed highly-optimized purging compounds intended for the use in injection machines and extruders.

Our cleaners from the ScrewClean® product line remain thermally stable and are therefore suitable for application temperatures between 160°C and 320°C.

They are suitable for cleaning nozzles, screw-extruders and cylinders.

Product characteristics

  • Highly-optimized purging compounds
  • Temperature stable
  • Are based on a polar or a non-polar plastic
  • High cleaning performance within short time
  • Ready-to-use products
  • Suitable for all thermoplastics


Find out more about the outstanding performance of our screw cleaners ScrewClean® SR-47, ScrewClean® SR-47/A, ScrewClean® SR-320 and ScrewClean® SR-420!

ScrewClean® SR-47 (all types of plastics except POM)

ScrewClean® SR-47/A (all types of plastics)

ScrewClean® SR-320 (polar plastics)

ScrewClean® SR-420 (non-polar plastics)

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