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Composites Team

Composites Team

Andreas Lange, Reinhard Ried
+49 (0)6201 9983 0

Sealers for Porous Surfaces and Moulds

Solutions for the Composites Industry

We offer solvent-based and water-based high-tech mould sealers for applications on any kind of mould surface.

No matter whether you need to seal cleaned metal or synthetic moulds in production or any porous surfaces prior to the use in model and mould construction – Münch always offers the most suitable product for your individual application.

Mould Sealers

Our all-round talents

Our products have been specifically developed for the purpose of sealing off previously cleaned moulds prior to using them in the production line.

They are multi-purpose sealers for applications with thermoset resins, such as polyester, epoxy or phenolic resins.

Product characteristics
  • Solvent-based or water-based products
  • For applications on any kind of mould surface
  • Multi-purpose sealers

Sealers for Tooling Boards and Porous Surfaces

Our specialities for model and mould construction

Best quality and high process reliability in model and mould construction are guaranteed by our innovative sealers from the Mikon® 39x MC series.

They can be used for a variety of porous surfaces, especially block materials, MDF, plastic and metal moulds.

Product characteristics
  • Low material consumption – max. 2-3 coating layers
  • Ready-to-use product – no laborious after-treatment required after application of sealer
  • Fast drying/curing time
  • High resistance against increased temperature and chemicals
  • Enhanced overall quality of moulded parts
  • Significantly improved process reliability
  • Excellent value for money