Wind energy

Wind or rotor blades aren't simply GRP- or CFRP-component parts. Wind blades represent high tech engineered elements to meet quality standards comparable to those specified by the aerospace industry.

Typically, high quality standards are an essential demand  to be met by any of the substances or materials being processed.

A wide variety of requirements affects implemented application techniques due to the sheer size of the moulds being used during the production process. This eventually raises the importance of the release agent technology adopted, to help eliminating any of the formerly known, processing-related issues.
This change of the customer's quality expectation implies a re-evaluation of the release agent technology adopted , to represent a critical success factor.  

The development of our release technology takes place on-site, right at your manufacturing plant.


For the plant engineering of wind turbines we supply you with field-tested release agents, based on the latest technology the marketplace can offer. In particular sealers, external and internal release agents, additives and cleaners are available from our product range.

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