Classic external release agents

To specifically suit the needs of the GRP and CFRP industry, we developed classic as well as modern release agents.

The term “classic release agents” refers to release agents with waxes as main component in their formulation.

Our classic release agents are multi-purpose, liquid, solvent-based and silicone-free external products with short drying times. The use of these products eliminates the need for repeated waxing and polishing, as a single application allows, after some starting time, several releases.

The film of our release agents is not peeled off and provides with its high release effect important improvements for the plastic industry.

Our products can be used as multi-purpose release agents for the purpose of processing thermoset resins, polyester (cold and hot forming), epoxy resins and phenolic resins.

In particular when the processing takes place at higher temperatures, excellent results are obtained. Our classic release agents can also be used as anti-corrossives for steel moulds or as weather protection. At higher temperatures they can even be used as lubricants.

Product characteristics

  • Solvent-based products
  • Silicone-free release agents
  • Short drying times
  • Good release effect

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