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Composites Team

Composites Team

Andreas Lange, Reinhard Ried
+49 (0)6201 9983 0


At Münch Chemie, we operate in a challenging environment. Innovation and quality are our daily incentive.

We strive to constantly improve the quality of our work and to develop new solutions.

Following the launch of the water-based Mikon® W products series, based on the omittance of solvents, for the GRP or CFRP processing, our engineers have succeeded in bringing change to the composite industry, which was previously unfavorably positioned in terms of its environmental footprint, health and safety, and product efficiency.

Our complete range for the composites industry includes a great variety of sealers, external and internal release agents, additives and cleaners.

Not only small and medium-sized businesses or the large-scale industry do rely on our innovative developments from the Mikon® product series, but also quite a few Formula student teams.

Case Studies


Mikon®-product series for the manufacturing of wind blades
Mould sealer for tooling boards Mikon® 399 MC

Product Flyers


Release Agent Mikon® Mirror Wax Liquid W-99+

Mirror gloss mould surface in composite processing with our high temperature release agent Mikon® Mirror Wax Liquid W-99+.

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Sealers from the Mikon® 39x MC series

Best quality and high process reliability in model and mould construction are guaranteed by our innovative sealers from the Mikon® 39x MC series, which can be used for a variety of porous surfaces, especially block materials, MDF, plastic and metal moulds.

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Technical Articles


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Mikon® 399: Innovative sealer for tooling boards

Published in “JEC Innovation Report – JEC World 2017” – March 2017.

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