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Composites Team

Composites Team

Andreas Lange, Reinhard Ried
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Mould Release Agents

Solutions for the Composites Industry

To specifically suit the needs of the GRP and CFRP industry, we developed modern (semi-permanent solvent- or water-based) as well as classic (wax-based) release agents.

This way, you can always choose the most suitable product, depending on your individual requirements and process conditions.

Semipermanent Mould Release Agents

The modern alternative

Our product portfolio includes semi-permanent, easy to use high-tech mould release agents, that have been developed to make the use of waxes unnecessary.

These particular products render constant wax and polishing cycles unnecessary, since the release film adheres excellent to the mould’s surface and enables multiple demouldings. Consequently, there is no transfer of the release agents to the moulded parts, allowing for post processing, such as gluing or vanishing, without further treatments.

Our products create high gloss finished surfaces and minimize release agent residues in the mould.

Water-based release agents

The designated application fields of our modern water-based release agents include the processing of thermoset resins such as polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins and PUR gelcoat. If processing standards demand high sliding effects, our products are the perfect match.

Furthermore, we have developed a release agent, that can specially be used with powdered formulations based on epoxy resins (so-called powder adhesive).


Product characteristics

  • Semipermanent water-based release agents
  • High release and lubrication
  • No transfer to the casted parts
  • High gloss finished surfaces
  • For the processing of thermoset resins such as polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins and PUR gelcoat
Solvent-based release agents

Our solvent-based semi-permanent mould release agents are multi-purpose products for the purpose of processing thermoset resins, polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins.


Product characteristics

  • Semi-permanent solvent-based release agents
  • High release effect
  • No transfer to the casted parts
  • High gloss finished surfaces
  • For the processing of thermoset resins, polyester, epoxy and phenolic resins

Classic Mould Release Agents

Wax-based products

The term “classic release agents” refers to release agents with waxes as main component in their formulation.

Our classic mould release agents are multi-purpose, liquid, solvent-based and silicone-free external products with short drying times.

The use of these products eliminates the need for repeated waxing and polishing, as a single application allows, after some starting time, several releases. The film of our classic release agents is not peeled off and provides with its high release effect important improvements for the composites industry. In particular when the processing takes place at higher temperatures, excellent results are obtained.

Our classic release agents can also be used as anti-corrosives for steel moulds or as weather protection. At higher temperatures they can even be used as lubricants.


Product characteristics
  • Solvent-based products
  • Silicone-free release agents
  • Short drying times
  • Good release effect
  • Universally applicable when processing thermoset resins, polyester (cold and hot forming), epoxy resins and phenolic resins.