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Discover the high-performance sealer Mikon® HCP-2042: High-gloss protection, easy application & reliable surface sealing. Perfect for the ski industry.

Sealer Mikon® HCP-2042


Sealer Mikon® HCP-2042 – The ultimate protective and release coating

Give your surfaces unbeatable protection and a high-gloss finish with our Sealer Mikon® HCP-2042. This highly durable, permanent protective and release coating is perfect for a wide range of applications and impresses with its easy application and outstanding features. Explore the advantages:

  1. Easy application: Mikon® HCP-2042 is ready to use and easy to apply thanks to its special formulation.
  2. Reliable sealing: The selected additives are chemically bonded to the treated surface thus effectively sealing pores.
  3. High-gloss finish: Enjoy an impressive, high-gloss surface that is scratch-resistant at the same time.
  4. Excellent release performance: Ensures effortless material separation.
  5. Universal application: Ideal for the industrial processing of composite materials and polyurethane.
  6. Perfect for the ski industry: Its properties make it particularly suitable for skis and snowboards.

Protect and enhance your surfaces with the Sealer Mikon® HCP-2042, and experience a new dimension of surface protection and aesthetics.

Rely on quality and performance – rely on Mikon® HCP-2042!