Case Studies

It is the ambition of Münch Chemie’s development team to offer tailored products that meet our customers’ requirements.

The Challenge: Microbial contamination and corrosion of test rims due to warm and humid climate.

Our Solution: Adjusted lubricant formulation depending on the prevailing climate.

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The Challenge: Complete elimination of solvent-based release agents in the manufacturing of wind blades.

Our Solution: Comprehensive range of water-based and solvent-free release system products, including mould sealer, mould release and application system.

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The Challenge: Increase of process reliability and simultaneous reduction of labour-input in model and mould construction.

Our Solution: Innovative mould sealer for the application on tooling boards which is extraordinarily easy to handle and perfectly matches all semi-permanent release agents from the Mikon® product series.

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The Challenge: Reduction of labour-input and increase of process efficiency in tire production.

Our Solution: New ground-breaking permanent mould release coating that allows for several thousand con-secutive demouldings with once-only application.

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The Challenge: Mould release agents suitable for application in the manufacturing of O-rings that are completely free of silicone.

Our Solution: A brand-new water-based product series that dispenses with the need for any silicone-based ingredients while being universally applicable. No cross-contamination with silicone.

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The Challenge: Curing bladders used in tire manufacturing suffer from high mechanical and chemical stress, resulting in early wear and failure.

Our Solution: A highly stressable water-based bladder coating that permanently protects the bladder from high load and damage.

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