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It is the ambition of Münch Chemie’s development team to offer tailored products that meet our customers’ requirements.

Case Studies

Münch Chemie International

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HMAB Automatic Tire Grading Machine ATG-Evo
Lubricant for tire fitting MK-YG/20 H/1
Windenergie verbundwerkstoffe
Mikon®-product series for the manufacturing of wind blades
Fallbeispiele verbundwerkstoffe versiegler
Mould sealer for tooling boards Mikon® 399 MC
Fallbeispiele permanente heizbalgbeschichtung
Permanent coating for curing bladders (tire production)
Permanent mould release
Formenbeschichtung runderneuerung
Permanent mould release for tire retreading
Semi-permanent mould release agents (tire production)
Loesungen gummi oringe
Silicone-free multipurpose mould release agents

We sell our specialty release agents worldwide.

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